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On July 15th, 2017 I made a transaction seperate from eBay for $675.00. This was a private transaction, separate from eBay.

When I received the package from the seller I noted major damage, to the tune of $500 according to my local appraisal. This damage was undisclosed to me at the time of purchase. Unsure of fault, I contacted the seller. The seller was unwilling to take the compound bow back and refund the purchase price.

At that point in time I filed a dispute with Paypal. With the seller’s unwillingness to accept a return, the case was quickly escalated on July 24th to be resolved by PayPal. On July 29th I received an email from PayPal stating the following: "(Third party) has provided a response to the claim you filed against them. We are reviewing the facts of the case and will carefully consider all the material before making a decision.

We will let you know if we require additional information from you, and will contact you via email when a decision has been reached. " I received an email on August the 3rd requesting documentation supporting my claim of a damaged product. The following was specifically requested by PayPal within the email: "Please obtain a document (such as an estimate or invoice) from an unbiased third­party, such as a dealer, repair shop, appraiser, or another individual or organization that is qualified in the area of the item in question (other than you)". On August 4th I uploaded supporting pictures of damage to the bow, an appraisal written by my local dealer/repair shop, and screenshots of text conversations had between myself and the seller.

Approximately one week later, on August 10th, PayPal responded by email stating that: "The requested document should be provided by an unbiased third­party, such as a dealer, appraiser or another individual or organisation[sic] that's qualified in the area of the item in question (other than yourself), and detail the extent of the damage or clearly explain how the item received significantly differs from the item advertised." Upon receipt of the email I contacted PayPal for a more thorough explanation of why the document I provided was not acceptable. The representative I spoke with on the phone assured me that a mistake had been made and my document contained all the proper information needed to proceed with the case. Viewing the case on PayPal’s website, I noted that the case was put back in review and there were no requests being made by PayPal. Without any contact thereafter, I received an email from PayPal on August 16th stating that the case had been decided in the seller’s favor for these reasons: "We either did not receive this information within the time frame specified or the documents we received did not meet the requirements we provided to you." Thoroughly confused, I contacted PayPal that very same morning of the 16th and asked for an explanation as to why my document did not meet PayPal’s specifications.

I was told by a representative that the document did not have a logo of the company that performed the appraisal. The representative said she would give me 3 days to provide a new document with proper letterhead. After providing the new documentation, PayPal sent me an email on August 18th explaining I had lost the case because the proper documentation had not been received in the time frame allotted. Upon calling PayPal that day, I was informed that I could file a dispute but it would have the same negative outcome due to PayPal’s policy on documentation.

I was then advised by the representative to speak with my bank concerning the matter. On August the 18th I visited my bank, from which the payment was made. With all documentation in hand, I was notified that there was no method of disputing the charge if I still had possession of the purchased item. I was required to ship the bow back to the seller, obtain a tracking number for the shipment, and provide the evidence to them.

They would then, and only then, request funds from PayPal. When questioned whether I would be guaranteed a refund, my bank explained that it would be PayPal’s decision whether the funds were released. Because this appeared to be an unfair solution, I decided to call PayPal yet again. On August 22nd, I spoke with Rich (employee #43­943).

Rich examined the case files and was perplexed at why my document did not meet the specifications of PayPal. He assured me that he would file a “back office ticket”, send me an email confirming the ticket, and respond within two business days. This brings me to present day. I have not received any new communication from PayPal.

My last phone call with PayPal was with a representative named Kevin (employee #79­018). Kevin politely told me that a “back office ticket” may have been filed but he didn’t have any information on the matter. Again I was told that a new appeal could be filed, with no guarantee of the outcome.

I've been filing complaints and I'm at my wits end. What else can I do to try and recover from this oversight?

Review about: Paypal Claim.

Reason of review: Бракованный или поврежденный товар..

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Полный возврат средств.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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